Coat of Arms
from Motburlege to Mobley

About the Book

This is a study of the ‘low frequency’ surname Mobberley and its variants in the UK based on notes made by the author during his initial research into his own family roots.

It is a unique publication exploring the history of the name and its variants from the early eleventh century through to the 1840’s. His research discovered entries in Who’s Who? and Crockfords Clerical Directory.

Place names are discussed including an interesting misconception of the origin of the variant Mobley. The coat of arms associated with the early Mobberley’s is described in detail.

Over fifty spelling variants are listed, and the book contains a database of around a thousand names together with a brief review of the first American settlers and others born abroad in Russia, India and South Africa.

For anyone associated with the surname and contemplating starting their own research, this is a definitive study that belongs on their bookshelf.


  • Foreword
  • A Pre-History
  • References
  • 1086 Map of Cheshire
  • Introduction
  • The Village of Mobberley
  • The Mobberley Arms
  • Variants and Pronunciation of the Name
  • The Surname Mobley
  • The Hamlet Called Mobley
  • The Earliest Mobberleys
  • Parish Registers 1538–1841
  • A Catalogue of Mobberleys
  • A Catalogue of Mobleys
  • Some British Subjects Born Abroad 1799–1841
  • Some Early American Namesakes